Want to be online seller? 5 first things to keep in mind.

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Want to sell your products online or want to become an online seller on various platforms. Here I have discussed some important points that you should keep in mind before becoming an online seller.

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As you all know I belong to India, so I will talk about the eCommerce things that will be fully referenced with the Indian eCommerce industry.

if we look at the last decade it has been developing phase for the Indian eCommerce industry. During this period hundreds of eCommerce startups have born out of which many have established themselves as eCommerce giants, some are mediocre, and many of them have buried under the ground of failure or bankruptcy.

Whenever we think about the Indian eCommerce, the only name that comes to our mind is That is a real fact that Amazon has grown itself manifolds since it launched in India after the year 2012, helping thousands of online sellers.

Amazon’s growth has not only benefitted itself but also has fueled the growth of the Indian eCommerce by helping many online sellers and industries.

The eCommerce industry not only consists of just amazon and the buyer, but it also has many other processes that are done by many side industries hence fueling the economy and providing jobs to people and businesses to online seller.

These processes consist of many physical processes like packing, order processing, pickup, delivery, return pick up, etc. all these processes are very important for an order to reach its buyer successfully and timely.

There are some digital processes that are too crucial for the order too, like seller interface, cataloging, listing, product images, return management, feedback management, etc. mostly these are done by the online seller itself or by some digital agencies.


Different eCommerce platforms have different policies and different processes, some online seller like them while others don’t. These are the processes and policies that also determine the growth of any online seller on that particular platform.

Today I gonna talk about 5 crucial things that every beginner online seller needs to keep in mind before starting an eCommerce business.

I’ve also made some huge mistakes along the way that have cost me a lot and I have seen so many new online seller making such mistakes again and again.

Today I’m not only going to reveal five things that you need to know before you start an e-commerce business but also give you some amazing tips to implement them easily

  1. Your product is the solution to a problem.
  2. Your product needs to be feasible for e-commerce.
  3. You need to be able to communicate how you’re different.
  4. Your customer is not everyone.
  5. You can build your audience before you have a product.

I’m going to talk about all these with examples and how you can apply all theses above things to your own eCommerce business.


Your product is the solution to a problem

Your product is the solution to a problem so the first thing that you need to know when starting an e-commerce business is that you’re not just creating a product you’re solving a problem.

The world does not need more products what it does need is better solutions to existing problems.

The most common mistake I see every new online seller is making, again and again, is searching for products to sell instead of identifying what problem they can solve, so what we need to do is find a problem that needs to be solved.

let me tell you that I’m keenly interested in protecting our environment for a sustainable future. So when I look around me, I found that so many things are there like plastic bags, one time used plastic bottles and many other such things that are useless after one use so I thought of making products that can be reused and are biodegradable too.

After lots of research work and data collection, I come to know that plastic loofah-a simple bathing product, is used around 100 million monthly which is a very powerful number in a country like India.

This is how you have got your product.

Now you just need to advertise the problem that these plastic loofahs are causing to our environment and to the people who are using them which is a compelling reason for my prospective customers to switch to a natural organic loofah

Now your customer just needs to understand how your product is different from every other loofah in the market which we’ll cover in point


Your product needs to be feasible for e-commerce

Now we got our product and need to make sure that the product is viable for e-commerce, not all products are viable for e-commerce.

There are many things that determine whether a product is feasible for eCommerce or not.

It should be able to be shipped worldwide which means it needs to not be too heavy to avoid extra shipping.

It should be able to survive the journey that means it needs to not be too breakable to avoid refunds.

It should also be a financially viable option as it’s relatively cheap to produce and has a high perceived value.


You need to able to communicate how you’re different

Now you need to differentiate yourself from other brands or products on the market. What we’re looking to do here is to create a unique value with a clear compelling message that states why you’re different and worth buying.

A common misconception in the e-commerce industry is that you need a unique & crazy new product idea to be successful this is not true at all and actually the most successful e-commerce brands are the ones that have taken existing problems and sold them in a new way.

Important to note here is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel you just need to find a wheel that looks different & better than the previous one and has current problem-solving abilities.

You can have some of your own ideas about how to differentiate your product from others already on the market you can change the color, shape, design, fragrance, and many more things.

Your customer is not everyone

Your customer is not everyone so you know the problem you are solving you know how your product can serve as a solution to that problem and now it’s time to start thinking about who you’re going to be selling your product.

A common mistake new online sellers make is they try to please everyone and think that their target market is everyone but the thing is that nobody can afford to market to everybody.

You need to target your ideal consumer for whom you have made this product, who would love your product, and want to tell all of their friends, family, and followers about it.

To find your target market you can do research on your competitors and who they’re actively targeting or speaking to but before you launch the easiest way will be by reverse analyzing your product from your audience’s point of view.


You can build your audience before you have a product

we need to know that before starting an e-commerce business you need to build your audience before you launch your product.

One of the biggest myths in e-commerce and with any business really is the idea that if you build a website then the audience they will come. If you have the right products a beautiful website and great product photography that people will not only find you but actually follow through and make a purchase in reality.

This could be too far from the truth and it’s a reason that a lot of brands do fail so creating a product and waiting for your market isn’t the right way to go about it but what if we flip this on its head and focused on building an audience before we launched a product.

Building an audience or a market before you launch your product is a great way to get started and love to tell you that I’ve started with all of my brands by building an audience base for that brand over Instagram.

online seller



Instagram is still a very powerful marketing platform where you can build an audience for free or with a very minimal budget if you’re using techniques like shoutouts or Instagram influences.

The most important question is how do you go about growing your social following. To grow the social following you need to focus on the content that you are posting.

your content is the king, it will gonna determine the type of followers that you will gonna attract so make sure that your content is relevant and also valuable that attract the particular targeted audience for your brand.

you can contact influencers in your niche for shoutouts or branding. Consistent posting will attract more organic reach on your post meaning Instagram will show your post to more and more people by itself.


So these are the five things from my experience you need to know before starting an e-commerce store

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That’s it for now! See you next time, MoneyMakers!

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